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Seco Creek Dove Hunts aims to be South Texas’ newest dove hunting paradise, offering a sprawling expanse of 8 irrigation pivots of Black Oil sunflowers, sesame, and wheat, all on-site or within minutes from our two lodge locations in Devine and Pearsall. Including dry land, we will have over 800 acres planted with fields in Lytle, Devine, Moore, and Pearsall. All locations have tanks as well, ensuring plenty of water and food for doves to stick around. With hundreds of acres of new land and pivots compared to last year, the 2024-2025 season at Seco Creek Dove Hunts is looking to be the best one yet.

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South Texas is renowned for its exceptional dove hunting opportunities.

With its vast open fields, agricultural lands, and water sources, the region offers a prime habitat for doves. The dove hunting season typically begins in early September and lasts through late November, coinciding with the birds’ migration patterns.

Popular species found in South Texas include the mourning dove, white-winged dove, and the elusive white-tipped dove.  South Texas’s warm climate contributes to large populations of doves, making it an ideal destination for both seasoned hunters and newcomers seeking an exciting and fruitful dove hunting experience.

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We offer 8 hotel-style rooms, that can each sleep 5. Every room comes with a full bathroom and its own separate AC/heater. Come join us for the upcoming dove season and experience a fun and rejuvenating getaway!

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